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  • Own a House!

    It’s official: things aren’t getting any better for renters. While it’s not always possible to think about buying a house, it often costs significantly more to rent than it would to outright own a property. It’s a big leap however, causing those who have rented to take on many more responsibilities including taxes, maintenance and interest. It’s hard work, but better than throwing your money away on a rental property. Here’s why.

    An Investment

    Unlike with renting, when you pay in money each month you’re adding to your investment – not just paying to have a roof over your head. As you pay more over time the house becomes more truly yours – at the beginning it might only be ten or twenty percent yours but fifteen years or so later you could be sorted with a good amount of cash. Keeping up on maintenance and improvements is really important to increase the value of the house and therefore your investment.

    It’s Yours!

    When you rent, you’re paying someone else so you can stay there, like a hotel room. However when you’re paying off your mortgage you’re essentially setting aside money for the future – and it’ll probably be cheaper than what you would pay in rent. When you’ve paid off your mortgage, the house is completely yours, and you can potentially make that money back.

    Tax Deductable

    If you own a house, there are certain deductions you can make from your tax, including interest from mortgage payments and property taxes. If you rent your house out, you can deduct maintenance costs.


    You can do what you want with your own home, unlike rented accommodation! If you don’t like the floor or walls in a rental property, the best you can do is cover them up. If you buy a house hating the wall colour you can just paint over it! Get rid of ugly lighting fixtures, hang pictures wherever you like…you have much more control than a renter. Carl from oven valeting service Ovenu UK and Ovenu Australia says that the ability to customise your own home is the number 1 reason why his home-owning customers are generally more sprightly than his rented home customers.

    Bigger and Better

    It’s unlikely that the first house you buy will be the one you live in for the rest of your life. There are many reasons to move house, including just because you want to, and when you own your house you can put it on the market to get yourself some money for something better – meaning you don’t need to start from scratch with money!

    Now that you’re convinced you can do what my dad always does – stare through letting agents windows like they have naked ladies in.

  • Popular Hobbies in 2015

    After the excesses of Christmas, many of us will turn to our hobbies to lose those extra pounds and perhaps to de-stress after a holiday season with family and friends. There are many popular hobbies, many of which can be enjoyed year round. Whether you are searching for a new hobby, or revisiting an old one, here are a few suggestions for hobbies in 2015:

    – Sporting hobbies:

    Certain hobbies will enjoy enduring popularity that will never wane – walking, or hiking, for example. Whatever your fitness level or physical capability, everyone can enjoy getting out for some fresh air in the countryside. If you enjoy walking, why not take it a step further and climb a mountain, or enjoy a long-distance trail? Camping out under the stars will give you access to pristine nature in which to walk, or indulge in another outdoors hobby – like cycling, wild swimming, fishing or horse riding. Access to the natural world is also gained by taking to the water – try kayaking or canoeing, or if you are near the coast, try sailing. Animal lovers will enjoy getting out and about with their dogs – keeping owners fit as well as pets. Watching wildlife can provide hours of fun – from bird hyde to whale-watching boat ride, reveling in the varied life on this planet will always be a common hobby.

    – Extreme hobbies:

    Looking to get the adrenaline flowing? Fancy trying something a little bit different next year? Why not consider taking up a more extreme hobby? Who knows, you might get hooked. Look to the air and try skydiving, parasailing, or hang-gliding. Perhaps you could even learn to fly a plane or microlight? Take a helicopter ride, or try heli-skiing and try a spot of daredevil off-piste adventuring. Bungee jump from a bridge, or base jump from a skyscraper – try trendy parkour around your neighbourhood. The world is your oyster – visit countries the world over as you explore the options of adventure travel.

    – Creative hobbies:

    If all of the above seems a bit too active, and you are in search of a more sedate pastime, why not indulge in one of these creative hobbies: art – painting is always popular, or writing if you are so inclined. Knitting or sewing can be relaxing and useful, as can cookery which can be turned from a necessity to an art form. Why not bake a cake? Or brew your own beer? Simply reading a book can enrich your existence immeasurably. Taking to the garden and growing your own vegetables can provide an escape from the vicissitudes of the modern world.
    So, why not take up a new hobby, or revive an old one for 2015?

  • Most Popular Hobbies in 2014

    As days go by and years pass, as new generations rise, comes new ways of doing things. Hobbies are well known as activities which are done for pleasure and during an individual’s free time.

    However, nowadays hobbies are also known be used to make money unlike in the past when hobby was considered an activity to pass time and without any financial significance. It is the 21st century after all where everything is looked at from a financial angle. Another big change in hobbies over the recent past is that, a big percentage of the hobbies in this century are either directly or indirectly linked with technology in a massive scale.

    However, not everything has changed. Hobbies still maintain their fun and engaging aspect even in 2014. We will briefly look at some of the hobbies that have been popular in the year 2014.

    Social networking

    This is the most common hobby among many young people and adults. Through such networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter among others, social networking is by far the most popular hobby this year. It helps to connect friends and meet new friends over the internet and this is only a button away. No need for any dress up or make up, all you need is simply your phone and you are good to go!

    Playing Video games

    Earlier, I talked about how technology has played a big role in influencing hobbies. Video games popularly known as game consoles, for example, Play stations, Nintendo, Wii, and Xbox among others have become popular hobbies for many young people and also adults. They engage one for hours on end as one tries to solve a puzzle, riddle or even “Kill the Mafia Boss”. They are fun to play and watch, and stand among the top most popular hobbies in 2014.


    Different kinds of sports like Soccer, American Football, and Basketball among others are another source of hobbies for many. They may actively participate in them or even don’t mind watching them. Either way, they are fully engaged or having the best time of their life as they follow or participate in the big season leagues in the world of sport.


    Many have adopted traveling as a hobby. From visiting the ancient ruins in Egypt, to the Gorillas in Congo and sightseeing in Paris, traveling as a hobby has left many tourists addicted to life on the road or air, exploring the beautiful wonders the world has to offer.

    Arts and craft

    Art and craft still remains a popular hobby among many people. The desire to create something from nothing is a passion that cannot be easily outdone even in the 21st century. From painting, to sculptures, art and crafting remains a popular hobby to many and still has promise of life in the many years to come.

    Other popular hobbies in 2014 include: photography, sewing and online shopping. Some individuals like to pass their leisure time taking random photographs of people, buildings and things and this is a popular hobby considering the number of photos shared over the internet.

    Online shopping is also a popular hobby especially since it saves time and avoids unnecessary transport costs and one can do it from the comfort of his or her own bed.

    Hobbies in 2014 still have that fun factor in them and are engaging during an individual’s free time and this allows one to manage stress from other aspects of life.